Comment Policy

All comments are welcome, no matter how fun, boring, praising, critical, great, or stupid, with one exception:  If (not that this has ever happened to me) I feel that you are more full of hate than is necessary for any of the good things in life, if you, for instance, praise the Norwegian mass murderer or say that you wish you could have Eminem’s child, you don’t get to comment here and must get your thrills with your own website.  ANYTHING else is fair game.

Update:  If you’re as boring as dirt or I can’t get a feel as to where you came from (website, blog, whatever) you don’t get the huge thrill of commenting here either.


4 Responses to Comment Policy

  1. witty stuff. continue…

    • Thanks, Tony–I try to be reasonably fearless when writing, but a post of mine (that was just a repost of something else) attracted some bizarre, hateful, insane rambling from someone one time, so this was simply an attempt to tell people that I will censor if I have to, but really it’s only people like them that need to be shut up, on my blog, that is. They have the right to spew hatred on theirs.

  2. dinkerson says:

    YES!!!! I get to comment now! At least I think I do.

    Not long ago I probably couldn’t have.

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