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Oh, Lumpy-Butted Hottie

This poem is inspired by my love for the female form, particularly the curve of a pleasing butt (which I try not to gawk at as if I’m a manner-less rube, but won’t apologize for liking), and my “Captain Obvious” observation … Continue reading

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Just For the Heck of It

This is for Trifecta’s feel-good get-to-know-each-other thing: What is your name (real or otherwise)? Kevin Describe your writing style in three words.  Fearless, slow-witted, stunning. How long have you been writing online? Not quite 2 years. Which, if any, other writing … Continue reading

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TPW (+Sublime)

(Sorry for the odd title–might have had something to do with a little bit of Southern whiskey that accidentally went down my throat before I wrote this.  For that particular day, from this particular blogger’s “pen”, I claim these to be my “20 … Continue reading

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Why trailer trash deluxe?

Answer:  Because it wasn’t already taken, because I’ve lived in at least 5 different trailers and owned 2, and “deluxe” because the trailer court I live in has the trailers laid out end-to-end, like houses, along boulevarded streets.  (Actual conversation with … Continue reading

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