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Test 35–Village Ghetto Land

Really liked the album this song came from back in the day. This song is so pretty and so sad.  I’m much too busy growing grass to write, even if I wanted to. Not that kind of grass, Snoop, the Kentucky Bluegrass … Continue reading

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In Which Messrs. Moon and Entwistle Didn’t Necessarily Save My Life, But They Sure Perked Me the Fuck Up (Or “The Summer of Who”)

I tend to keep score. My life isn’t as fancy as others’, my home is humbler, my vacations are simpler, my bed sure as hell is emptier, my “career” less fulfilling, my dreams less realized. Since i have little or … Continue reading

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Yeah More of That

Grace always had a hard-on for Jorma. Eskimo Blue Day. He gave her great cues.  

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Perhaps, then

I would perhaps write someday. Meantime I’d say that nothing matters other than family, friends, and good music.    

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Test 34 Billie Holiday Strange Fruit

I had no concept of this existing anywhere. I’ve never done junk myself and am grateful for that, though I understand the need to succumb completely to one or another drug, but, without knowing where she was in her addiction … Continue reading

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Test 33–Billie Holiday “My Man”

I really want this to play. She was the Queen. “What’s the difference if I say, I’ll go away, When I know I’ll be back on, My knees someday”

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Test 32–Boz Scaggs Look What I Got

I don’t know why this song passes the test of “will the record company let me share it here.” If it is ever rejected, it’s Boz Scaggs Look What I Got, from, I guess, his second album, in 1969 (around 11K … Continue reading

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