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Test 35–Village Ghetto Land

Really liked the album this song came from back in the day. This song is so pretty and so sad.  I’m much too busy growing grass to write, even if I wanted to. Not that kind of grass, Snoop, the Kentucky Bluegrass … Continue reading

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Test 30–You Don’t Own Me

“Test” means will the record companies and YouTube and WP allow this performance to be on my lowly blog. I’m never sure how my mind works, but something tonight made me think of this anthem to pre-feminism by Lesley Gore. and … Continue reading

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5 Sides Short of a Coffin

Never mind basic insomnia–have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a full-out panic attack, maybe in a cold sweat, or feeling like you’re trapped in the bed and you have to get up and out … Continue reading

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Low-Rent Smuggler’s Blues

Harney Peak is the highest point in the Black Hills of South Dakota at 7242 ft. tall, the highest mountain between the Rocky Mountains and the Pyrenees of France and Spain. People don’t typically climb it, though there is some excellent rockclimbing … Continue reading

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How Shyness “Ruined” My Life

(A couple disclaimers:  Had some new followers after I posted some whiskey-fueled poetry recently.  Thanks for the likes and such, but, hey, I’m not always funny.  And, second, “Ruined” is in quotes, because not every single bit of my life … Continue reading

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Test 29–Frank Sinatra Yes Frank Sinatra

I kinda believe that I should admit my stupidity about some things.  I still maintain that I didn’t care for him much as a person and that most of Frank Sinatra’s singing career is like a man dragging a banged-up metal bucket … Continue reading

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What it Really Means

Yeah, I know I suck any more.  The self-loathing lately trumps any miniscule bit of talent I ever had.  Fuck the world.  No, that’s not right.  Fuck the fucking world.  There, better.  I don’t like bitter me; I like happy … Continue reading

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