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Oh, Lumpy-Butted Hottie

This poem is inspired by my love for the female form, particularly the curve of a pleasing butt (which I try not to gawk at as if I’m a manner-less rube, but won’t apologize for liking), and my “Captain Obvious” observation … Continue reading

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Better Choices For President Than Trump

I have to tell you, folks, I’ve never been more disgusted with the American public, with Republicans especially, and with that Thing calling itself Trump. There’s a complete lack of humanity, an utter absence of talent, a total void of … Continue reading

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Opposites Attract, and Talk Smack

Well, I’ve been remiss about doing anything “creative” for a long time. After I’d already gotten lazy about blogging, I was on some anti-depressants for about 2 months. I think they work wonders for lots of people, and may yet for … Continue reading

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In Which Messrs. Moon and Entwistle Didn’t Necessarily Save My Life, But They Sure Perked Me the Fuck Up (Or “The Summer of Who”)

I tend to keep score. My life isn’t as fancy as others’, my home is humbler, my vacations are simpler, my bed sure as hell is emptier, my “career” less fulfilling, my dreams less realized. Since i have little or … Continue reading

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Why I Hate “Criminal Minds”

It’s not that Thomas Gibson is such a wooden actor with a monotone voice. It’s not that Matthew Gobble Gubler is SUCH a wienie. It’s not that I don’t buy the relationship between Shemar and the lady described as “the … Continue reading

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It’s Not Enough, Adele

The British singer Adele has apologized for her “ugly-cry” moment at the BRIT Awards. I’m not sure if she was ugly-crying more for being a winner, or for the problems of a woman singer way less talented than she is. … Continue reading

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Sadly, This is the Best I Have to Offer, Tonight

Q: What did the smartass, drunk, vegan, clerk-of-courts, single dad say to his obese-yet-picky-eating only child as they sat down to Thanksgiving dinner? A: Do you swear to eat the turkey, the whole turkey, and nothing but the turkey?

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