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Siberian Horror

(The following is a work of fiction, except for the last line, which is true.) In the deepest darkest reaches of Siberia, there are areas where humans rarely if ever go. Not only because of the horrible winters, the summer … Continue reading

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Walking the Dog (Fun With Dialog Tags)

I’ve heard comments here and there from writers stating how much they loathe “dialog tags,” otherwise known as the “he said, she said” of book-writin’.  As in, “I’d rather stab needles in my eyes than have to tag everything the … Continue reading

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Emily and Mabel’s Birthday Tradition

Mabel saw him first. “Stop,” said Emily. The young jogger came up to their car. Emily promptly shot him. “We’re eighty today.  Maybe we should stop.” “Stop!  We promised Daddy on his deathbed.” ———————- The Trifecta Trifextra weekend challenge wanted … Continue reading

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A Beastly Shopping Trip

Beast grabbed more teacups.  Mrs. Potts kept breaking them, ever since Chip threw himself off the parapet.  If only Beast had successfully wooed Belle; Chip wanted so bad to be a boy again. ——————– Yeah I have to rely on other people … Continue reading

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Running Late

“Ready, honey?” “Pardon me?” “Don’t pretend you forgot.” “I hate these things, ‘romance-novel’ style.” “What the…” “I hate art exhibit openings ‘with a burning passion that goes beyond all reason’.” “But, honey, if I sell a painting, maybe you could … Continue reading

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Make me a Me!

The 3 undead sat at a table in the center of the bar, getting mightily stupid.  The zombie-hunters had them surrounded, for some reason deciding to let the 3 get shit-faced before they blew them back to hell. Zombie 1 called out:  … Continue reading

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Zombie Crisis

Drawing credit: —————————- “Aaaarrrrgggghhh!  The basement’s flooded!” “Relax, honey!  You don’t want parts falling off during my mother’s visit.  Remember how she found your little toe in her soup last time?” “Yeah, funny how that happened.” —————————- (For a … Continue reading

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