My Letter to the Editor

My sister would have been 63 this week if she hadn’t died of goddamn breast cancer almost 10 years ago. She was my biggest cheerleader, as poor of a judge of the opposite sex as I have ever been, even poorer actually. Relatives and friends don’t know everything about each other, though. She wondered one time if I’d like to do research for some essay writer or someone. Well, no, I hate research and of course have always wanted to be the one doing the final writing. I fucking hated term papers and slid by with minimal research and maximum bullshit.

To honor her, I’m going to post this letter, the end result of me sending a way-too-long letter to the editor a while back, after which they called and said they could print the first half of it for now. So I sent them the part I should have limited myself to in the first place (I couldn’t be brief on a regular basis like newspaper people have to do), and they kindly printed it.

As a background, South Dakota, my state, is considered one of the most corrupt in the country, the leaders are often accused of cover-ups, there have been scandals involving deaths, and of course in today’s red-state middle of the country, we hold the middle solidly together. Try “South Dakota Gear-up Scandal” or “South Dakota EB-5 Scandal”, or “Mike Rounds and Joop Bollen” for starters. Also, some people really are as dumb as they look–our own Patrick Star, Senator Mike Rounds for instance. And here’s Kristi in her glory:

Our Republican “leaders” are:

Governor Dennis Daugaard
Attorney General Marty Jackley
Senator John Thune
Senator Mike Rounds (ex-governor)
Representative Kristi Noem

That’s enough; herewith the ravings of a lunatic:

Dear Editor:

S.D. Republican leaders let us down

Years ago I saw two maintenance guys, each with slight but obvious speech defects, standing toe-to-toe doing dead-ringer vocal impressions of each other. You could tell they were old friends who would jump into an icy river for each other. They long since earned the right to make fun of each other. Donald Trump did not earn the right to mock the disabled reporter that he mocked. He should have been laughed out of the Presidential race right then. Rather than apologize, Trump later repeated the gestures during speeches, as a cover for earlier mocking the disabled guy. He clearly stated “You gotta see this guy” as he was mocking him.

We all received the “Defeat Measure 22” mailing from our Republican leaders, who are “taking a stand for our families.” They missed the chance to take a stand when they did not repudiate Trump for mocking the reporter. Every mentally challenged kid, any adult with a disability, anyone who walks or looks “different,” all were told by this action of our President, and by the lack of condemnation by Republicans, that they are “lesser.”

Some of the most important people in my life are the staunchest Trump supporters I know. But they would jump into an icy river to save me, or to save anyone. Would Republican South Dakota leaders do that? Thune might, but Noem would be too busy texting, Rounds would have trouble finding the river, and Daugaard and Jackley would most likely deny there ever was a river in the first place.

Our leaders wanted to toe the party line, to get a Republican in the White House to help them with their all-important work, like denying women the rights to make decisions about their own bodies, or repealing Obamacare. Because women can’t be allowed to make their own decisions. Because Obamacare is more horrible than the current system, where a patient, even one with so-called “great company-sponsored insurance,” has to co-pay 3 or 4 grand for even the simplest surgery, where having a test, like when a camera goes “where no camera should go,” requires a $1000 co-pay, where anything other than a routine doctor visit will wipe out a family’s savings. No, nothing’s wrong with that. Republican legislators should just obstruct any attempt to fix that, not come up with any solutions of their own.

It’s also important to only let people we like into the U.S., because those who are “others” must surely be losers and terrorists. You do realize that the cure for cancer most likely was lost when a Jewish baby was tossed into a burning pit at Auschwitz, that the next chance may be some little Syrian refugee girl, some future scientist that we can’t be bothered to help, because America is no longer a shining beacon; instead we are on a headlong race to “Stop America From Being Great.”

I doubt that George McGovern would have supported Hubert Humphrey if Hubert had talked and acted like Trump. I can’t imagine Jim Abourezk not disavowing a Democratic candidate who he abhorred. Larry Pressler wouldn’t have toed the Party line either for that matter. Long before they, too quietly, urged Trump to drop out over boorish behavior towards women, our leaders should have turned up their noses at Trump.

Lastly, all of us, Democrats, Republicans, and others, expect you Republicans to stop this doe-eyed moron Paul Ryan from destroying Medicare, the foundation of every working person’s dreams for a peaceful, deserved retirement, without fear of losing everything to pay medical bills.


(Yours truly, me, January 2017)

(by the way, anyone with a computer and literacy has a duty to speak out against Trump and his “nest-o-morons.”)








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8 Responses to My Letter to the Editor

  1. ksbeth says:

    thank you for sharing this. and i’m so sorry about your sister –

  2. This is the first post I’ve seen from you for ages, Trailer! I’m also sorry to hear about your sister – sometimes poor judgement about the opposite sex is a reflection of being ‘too nice’ not ‘too dumb’. At least so I like to think. As for Trump, perhaps we get the leaders we deserve. Not you and other intelligent people, but those flat-earthers and religious bigots and hillbillies and people who have only the vaguest idea where Canada is, and think Obama is a moslem…sooner or later their vote was gonna count. It’s the price you pay as a country for having rampant inequality and an unbelievably shitty education system (Australia take note – we’re going that way as I speak). But what do I know – I don’t live in the US.

    • Thanks, and I hadn’t heard from you for a long time either, it seems. And yes, we deserve trump since so many of us are ready to buy “snake-oil” from this man and to worship celebrities. Oh, and since I’m too lazy to go look for which post of yours it was where I used the phrase “throw someone under the bus” in a comment, I thought I’d explain here: it’s a phrase I used to hear, only in work settings usually, where someone offers up someone else as a scapegoat (for a bad decision or a huge mistake) rather than taking the heat themselves. I hope that’s clear as mud to you. Good to hear from you and good luck with your life in the country.

  3. The Hook says:

    My condolences on your sister, my good friend.
    And thank you for this.

  4. Anna says:

    I’m sorry about your sister, and about Trump, and really about everything. Life is fucking horrible. But I liked your letter; you wrote passionately, as you always do. A tiny glimmer of hope burning brightly amongst the filth. Let’s burn it all to the ground 🙂

    • Haha, yes I wish we could burn it all to the ground some days. Thanks for the condolences and for the compliment about my writing, which I hold dear coming from you. Life is fucking horrible, with a bright spot here or there, isn’t it?

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