Question About WordPress For You

Yeah, I really want to NOT suck ass at life, and want to write some more, here and otherwise, but in the meantime, enquiring minds want to know–is anyone else having trouble accessing their “followed sites” “stream” under the “reader” tab? For the last week or so, I click on it and all I get is these little “shadow areas” where it looks like the, whattayacallit, the synopsis thing of the “blogs I follow” should be. The “discover” thing seems to work, but not my followed blogs. So I have to go back to my deleted emails and find where I was notified that “so-and-so” blogged today, and then click on the blogs that I’ve actually saved to favorites in my search engine (or whatever the hell you computer nerds call it). It’s the same on my slow desktop computer as it is on my not-so-slow laptop, so I feel as if it’s a wordpress issue. I even clicked yes, finally, on the thing which showed up several months ago wanting me to use more space on my computer for wordpress. No difference whatsoever. As Trump would say, “Very Unfair.”

Meantime, have a great weekend, and be glad you don’t live in the Frozen North of the so-called Upper Midwest (loosely containing the Dakotas, Minnesota, maybe Iowa and Wisconsin). Here in S.D., it’s been below zero (F) most of the week, and is up to a whopping 10 above today. We actually had a weekend where it got down to about -25 F in my town and 37 frickin’ degrees below zero F in other parts of this godforsaken state. And that’s actual air temp, not wind-chill. I hate winter. Stay warm.

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2 Responses to Question About WordPress For You

  1. ksbeth says:

    mine’s been whacked out lately too, but yours sounds even more messed up than mine.

    • Ignorant as I am about anything computer-related, I still feel somehow that my internet provider has over-sold their system and all the gamers are weighing the system down. If I run a speed test, it comes up as “what I’m paying for,” so I asked a young person at work their opinion, and they told me something something “packets of information” may not be working out, and something something else, and who knows? A couple of times since I wrote this, I was able to view about a day’s worth of blogposts, but mostly it’s still broken. So few bloggers write any more, though, that’s it’s still pretty easy to keep track of them. Sorry for the long answer, and thanks for reading.

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