Test 34 Billie Holiday Strange Fruit

I had no concept of this existing anywhere. I’ve never done junk myself and am grateful for that, though I understand the need to succumb completely to one or another drug, but, without knowing where she was in her addiction or treatment experience, I’d say it appears that she was completely in the throes of something, yet of course so beyond anything that we think of as gifted. Which is hopefully a classier way of saying that, here, Billie appears to be completely wasted but she nails it.




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2 Responses to Test 34 Billie Holiday Strange Fruit

  1. Such a sad song… but a classic. I’m glad to know you found it and I can come back and watch and listen — early on a good day so I don’t descend into tears. Thanks.

    • Hi. Yes, it is terribly sad and such a strong and poetic work of art concerning a shameful part of American history. The contrast between the sweet and the unimaginable makes it so much more powerful. “Scent of magnolia, sweet and fresh, then the sudden smell…..”

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