Test 32–Boz Scaggs Look What I Got

I don’t know why this song passes the test of “will the record company let me share it here.” If it is ever rejected, it’s Boz Scaggs Look What I Got, from, I guess, his second album, in 1969 (around 11K views in 2016), and the vocal performance on this song is just incomprehensibly wonderful. “Loan Me a Dime,” with a feller named Duane Allman on guitar, was on this album also. He had way bigger hits later on in his career, but his vocal peak was on this album.


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4 Responses to Test 32–Boz Scaggs Look What I Got

  1. Nice to see you still here. So many of us have become too busy, or maybe disillusioned, to keep up with our blogs. I got too depressed. Still am after experiencing a creative high at the beginning of the weekend and then a big emotional hit at the end. I guess that’s life. Anyway, I’d never heard early Boz before. Thanks for sharing.

    I also went to see Tests 1 and 2. Isn’t it nice when they’re still there? 🙂

    • Hi, Re. It’s good to hear from you. Depression bothers me too. Also, most of my “oldest-friend-bloggers” no longer blog much. I’ve found a few others here and there to follow, but they’re pretty spotty too. Maybe it’s just not cool any more.
      I actually went through all my old “Tests” one night a while back and saw that a bunch of them were still there, though some are blocked. Live versions seem to have better success, though they can be ragged, of course.

  2. I’m not sure I ever got into Boz Scaggs. Perhaps I’ll give him another go! It’s funny, I have a limited number of plugs, so can choose between sound, printing, my massage chair thingo or my keyboard. Ah, the paths not trodden!

    • “Loan Me a Dime” is a sort of long-play, late ’60s, FM classic song with a great vocal from Boz and, I suppose you could say, a timeless guitar solo from Duane Allman. Scaggs had his huge payday during the disco era though, with “What Can I Say,” and “Lido Shuffle” and some ballads. I have to ask, though: Are you saying that your massage chair thingo runs off your computer, or is it a power plug issue?
      On another subject:
      AC/DC, Men at Work, or INXS?
      (My ex-stepdaughter, who was mostly a cool teenager at the time, once called INXS “Inks-S.” I still chuckle at that.)

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