It’s Not Enough, Adele

The British singer Adele has apologized for her “ugly-cry” moment at the BRIT Awards. I’m not sure if she was ugly-crying more for being a winner, or for the problems of a woman singer way less talented than she is. I do know that the first step toward fixing a problem is recognition of the problem, and Adele called herself out on her ugly cry. It’s not pretty. I leave you to search for it yourself.

Adele has made a gob of money. She should. A good debater could legitimately make the argument that the best song of the ’90s and the best song of the new millenium are both stalking songs, and “Someone Like You” is Adele’s contribution to that bet. Are there many other songs nearly as good as “You Oughta Know” from the ’90s? And, certainly, a cow farting would be more melodic than most pop songs of the new century, so Adele’s “Someone Like You” should win easily for best song so far since 2000. I’ve read some critics say that the words are lame; I don’t care if they are. It’s a well-crafted pop song with a huge hook, from a singer with a huge voice. She sings with every breath of her body, like Grace Slick in her day or Linda Ronstadt in her day, or several others who know or knew how to use their lungs. Some might call it over-singing, but I say that, if you aren’t using every emotion you have, you’re not trying. It’s the only song of hers I really care much for. I mean, “Set Fire to the Rain?” Unless you’re Drew Barrymore, you’d better back off, Adele. Back off!!

Anyway, not to belabor the point, but, unless and until you wish to stop by the trailer and make a personal apology for your ugly-crying, Adele, I think you owe us, well, certainly, me personally, another “Someone Like You,” as reparation for your ugly cry. You have the financial wherewithal to hire a crying coach. You have a pretty face. Let’s see if you can cry like this broad:




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