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It’s Not Enough, Adele

The British singer Adele has apologized for her “ugly-cry” moment at the BRIT Awards. I’m not sure if she was ugly-crying more for being a winner, or for the problems of a woman singer way less talented than she is. … Continue reading

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Sadly, This is the Best I Have to Offer, Tonight

Q: What did the smartass, drunk, vegan, clerk-of-courts, single dad say to his obese-yet-picky-eating only child as they sat down to Thanksgiving dinner? A: Do you swear to eat the turkey, the whole turkey, and nothing but the turkey?

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If I Met Jenny

I think we’re all star-struck To some extent, aren’t we? We’d like to meet someone famous Maybe not to just say we did But just to have a little bit Of their time. Would Michael Caine Be as charming As … Continue reading

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