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The Best Pie in the World (For this week anyway)

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who love coconut, and people who belong in some sort of camp. Not a bad camp, mind you; we coconut-lovers are so happy, happy from enjoying eating anything with coconut … Continue reading

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Test 31–Perfect Day

This gets taken down quite regularly. This would be called a PSA in the USA. As a historical ad for the BBC, it should be “public domain” for the world, unless any profits are available, which should go to Lou … Continue reading

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The Alphabet of Emptiness

(Some drivel I wrote last night. It rhymes in spots and badmouths snow, so I guess I’ll hit publish.) D is for Dull and for Drab and for Dead E is for Empty, of feeling, of air P is for … Continue reading

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Walking the Dog (Fun With Dialog Tags)

I’ve heard comments here and there from writers stating how much they loathe “dialog tags,” otherwise known as the “he said, she said” of book-writin’.  As in, “I’d rather stab needles in my eyes than have to tag everything the … Continue reading

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Test 30–You Don’t Own Me

“Test” means will the record companies and YouTube and WP allow this performance to be on my lowly blog. I’m never sure how my mind works, but something tonight made me think of this anthem to pre-feminism by Lesley Gore. and … Continue reading

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Privyet, Comrades!

(You’re asking yourself, WTF is he on now?) I didn’t intend it this way, but I’m reading 3 books by Russian authors right now. It’s not like I’m so great or some super-reader or on a mission to read really … Continue reading

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5 Sides Short of a Coffin

Never mind basic insomnia–have you ever woke up in the middle of the night with a full-out panic attack, maybe in a cold sweat, or feeling like you’re trapped in the bed and you have to get up and out … Continue reading

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