Test 29–Frank Sinatra Yes Frank Sinatra

I kinda believe that I should admit my stupidity about some things.  I still maintain that I didn’t care for him much as a person and that most of Frank Sinatra’s singing career is like a man dragging a banged-up metal bucket down a gravel road, but have always loved this song and need to give him “his props” for this one.  Always thought he was a decent actor, and always thought the name of this song was “When I Was 17.”  I guess it’s “It Was A Very Good Year.”  Dig the swingin’ orchestra conductor.  Everyone seems like they know that something important happened here, and, even though I imagine Frank and his posse thought that a lot, about a lot of their performances or even parties, I think something important happened here.  Frank knocked it out of the park.  I’m still not givin’ in about Hemingway or PT Cruisers though.  I still think the first time either was sighted they should have been pushed off a cliff.


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