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New Year’s Eve

It’s not so much Not having the “Significant other” To celebrate the “holiday” with It’s not the increasing strength Of my conviction that New Year’s Eve (as a party, not just a calendar date) And Valentine’s Day (as anything) Were … Continue reading

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Low-Rent Smuggler’s Blues

Harney Peak is the highest point in the Black Hills of South Dakota at 7242 ft. tall, the highest mountain between the Rocky Mountains and the Pyrenees of France and Spain. People don’t typically climb it, though there is some excellent rockclimbing … Continue reading

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Playing Scrabble

Who knew that going to college in the ’70s would come in so handy?

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Things I’d Say on Bluetooth

You’ve seen ’em, those bluetooth users who seem like they’re talking to themselves, who say “Hello” really loud, then look wide-eyed and cross at you when you say hello back, at about the same time you see their earpiece. If … Continue reading

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How Shyness “Ruined” My Life

(A couple disclaimers:  Had some new followers after I posted some whiskey-fueled poetry recently.  Thanks for the likes and such, but, hey, I’m not always funny.  And, second, “Ruined” is in quotes, because not every single bit of my life … Continue reading

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Kinda Fixated on Food and Bad Poetry Lately

That slice of pumpkin pie Disappeared!! Even faster than my youth.

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A Poem For the Ages

My crockpot beef stew Was so good That I could just Come Which isn’t so much Bragging As it is Pure amazement For I am The King of Bland It was the internet That told me To saute the onions … Continue reading

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