Tammy and George

I was listening to some songs and watching some videos tonight, when I noticed that some greedy copyright fucker had taken the BBC ad version of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” off YouTube, hence off an old post of mine, which pissed me off, not ‘cuz of the lack of it on here, but because of the lack of exposure for that fabulous event.  It’s on in other places on YT (“Perfect Day BBC”), including a couple of the same ad here and there, which I intend to share later until we can’t.  But I found something else I like almost as much: George and Tammy singing together on “Golden Ring” a couple years after they split.  It looks to me like they’re just having a blast singing together and laughing about the whole thing.

Copyright what must be copyrighted; otherwise share so that people will then download great versions of that song.  YDF–you dumb fucks (not you).


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2 Responses to Tammy and George

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    I wonder how long the major record companies will take until they flip their thinking from ‘the internet is paradise for thieves’ to ‘try before you buy’. Visit a site like Bandcamp and you can listen to sample songs from albums and even buy individual tracks.
    How long? Probably never. They tried to tax blank cassettes when I was a boy; they’ve learnt nothing in the meantime.

    • Their greed just ruins them, I think. Luckily, there are a lot of songs and artists that I can find, and then sometimes buy, although I’m an ancient relic whose primary music listening is still CDs, or, occasionally, albums.

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