Rules Are Made To Be Broken

I suppose I should post as many favorite videos as I want.




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2 Responses to Rules Are Made To Be Broken

  1. When I was in middle school, I finally started deciding what music I liked, and I had every single one of EJ’s albums. Back then it was def. not cool to like him. Everyone was Pink Floyd or AC/DC. It was okay to like the Who, but not so much the Pinball Wizard. I wish I still had those records!

    • (Not sure why I suddenly had to approve your comment. I approve.)
      I traded away so many records over the years. One was Mary Travers, which included “Indian Sunset,” which I forgot was written by John and Taupin. They did so many great songs. “The Last Song,” the theme, I guess, from “And The Band Played On,” is one of my all-time favorites. It’s funny how he sings as if the lyrics came deeply from his heart, but he’s only written a couple lines ever, to finish one that Taupin wasn’t quite done with (or so the story goes).

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