You May NOT Read This While Eating (No More Sunrises)

I saw the sun rise this morning
It was beautiful
Montana is burning
Washington is burning
Idaho is burning
Oregon is burning
British Columbia is burning
California is burning
My sunsets
Even my sunrises
Are beautiful
And sunrises
The Pacific Northwest’s pain
Is my beauty
Flooding near here tonight
You couldn’t start a fire
Without a can of gas

If I don’t drop over dead
From the sheer weight
Of how boring I am
Before morning
And if it’s not cloudy
I will see
One of the most
You could see
Because even the Olympia Rain Forest
Has been on fire this summer
Is burning
And the sky
Is a beautiful haze

You can smell
The fires sometimes
From 1500 miles away

I’ve read about genocide
Serial killers
Who roam hardwares stores
Looking for things
To hurt people with (I will NEVER read another serial killer book)

I have read about
The Nazis
The Khmer Rouge
People bashing
Other people’s fucking teeth in

Some way
None of this
Has prepared me
For how
I would feel
When I heard
That 20
Or was it 50?
Just People
To leave where they were
That they climbed
Into the back
Of a van
This seemed like a good idea
So much better than where they’d been
So much better
Better than fear
Better than hopelessness
So much better than evil

Did anyone leave
Did anyone see that it wasn’t good?
Did 100 more feel CHEATED?
To not get a place in the van?

A van
With no windows
No view
No chance at a view
Of the next sunrise

Then the first gasp
The first realization
That 10 miles
Wouldn’t be so bad
But hundreds of kilometers didn’t add up
The air wasn’t enough

The number of people
Who died
In the van
They weren’t
Any more
Please forgive me
But this is what they were
This is what we have come to
This is what we
Have done
Have destroyed any dreams
Of any life
So that people
Are so
To leave
Where they were

That they will be
In the back of a van
With no windows
No sunset
No more sunrises

They no longer are
They are
(I can’t imagine the scars on the souls of those who must “process” them)
They are
No longer
They are now

They are

“People Soup”

They are
No longer
They are
(The Motherfucking)
(Have we come to?)
(That people)
(Desperate people)
(Nothing but)


Update:  I’m getting a bit tired of being wrong lately.  Initial news reports about the abandoned truck full of 71 dead Syrian migrants, left to rot on the side of an Austrian highway in late August 2015, stated that the bodies were so decomposed that officials couldn’t even tell what body part belonged to who, and that “liquid was seen dripping from the van.”  At the climate-controlled area where they were taken to be processed, they were able to identify the number of bodies after several hours of work.  So, the “drama queen” aspect of this “poem,” in regards to “people soup,” might be a bit much.  But the fact does remain that they were desperate to leave their homelands for a better life, they made a horrible decision, to basically all climb into a freezer and have the door shut on them.  It was a truck which used to haul chickens or chicken parts.  Whether the air conditioner/compressor/whatever was running doesn’t matter; they just would have suffocated in less heat, but suffocated all the same.

It seems like the initial news stories from Europe have led me astray lately.  The first story about the Americans, and others, who saved the train from terrorism, stated that the Americans heard the creep loading a weapon in the bathroom, but the writer of the story was unclear about how the sounds would lead them to believe a weapon was being loaded.  I made the comment somewhere that, since some of the heroes were servicemen, they would most definitely be able to recognize those distinctive sounds.  But later reports stated that there was NO hearing involved; rather, they SAW the terrorist with weapons, then acted.

I’m tired of being wrong lately.  I would like to be right a bit more.   Not about some sort of tragedy closer to home, obviously, but rather to have my damn facts straight.  Here’s one I’m sure of: I will never make money writing.  I’ll try–don’t get me wrong–but that’s one I’m sure of.

And the “I’ll never find my soul mate” one; yep, I’m sure I’m right about that, ha ha.

Right facts or wrong facts, it’s still a creepy fucking world where so many countries either treat their citizens in such an evil manner, or are so inept that chaos rules and armed groups terrorize millions, so that people must leave their own countries or die.

Thanks for reading, though.

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