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Step Aside, T. S. Eliot

(T. S. may not be the best choice for who I’m trying to usurp here–but he is the first poet whose name popped into my head) I have been thinking a lot lately about the advice that I have read, … Continue reading

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The Next 10 Stupid Things Donald Trump Can Say

(Warning: This post is a bit “off the hook,” or perhaps “off the rails,” if you prefer.  It WILL most likely offend in some way.  But we’re all adults here, or we shouldn’t be reading this blog anyway.  This is … Continue reading

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The Best T-Shirt Ever?

I’d give it a vote, anyway, as perhaps the best t-shirt ever:  “What EXACTLY About my DEMEANOR made you think I wanted to INTERACT with you?”

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Test 27–Simon and Garfunkel For Emily

The world would be a much better place if Justin Timberlake, with his basic vocal ability, had listened to this Art Garfunkel performance and EVER learned how to sing with what is rightfully known as “a full throat.”  The lyrics could have … Continue reading

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