Test 20–$1000 Wedding

Let me know, WordPress, when I’m able to restore a post from the trash to a draft form, to work on it and clean it up, even though it turns me on way more to bring a broken blogpost back from the dead straight to re-publishing it, because that’s what everyone wants to do, you dumb fucks.  Couldn’t play for you Gram Parson’s great version of his “$1000 Wedding,” so we’re trying for Evan Dando, because I love the song.  “But where’re the flowers for my baby, I’d even like to see her mean old mama, and why ain’t there a funeral, if you’re gonna act that way.”

Gram Parsons “could throw away more great singing” than most country singers could do at their best, but he died young, of, get this, drugs, so we’re left with memories.  There is an odd, “wooden” version of this song, by Gram, that it lets me play, but it’s so leaden.  I think he was really drunk or something when he did it.  The album version is the best.

Computers?  They boggle my brain.  The rules seem to change.  I couldn’t find a place to just restore what I’d written, without instantly re-publishing it, so had to to douche it all.  When it comes to anything to do with computers, I’m like a cow staring at the drawings for a nuclear sub.  “It’s pretty.  What’s it all about?  Moo.”

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2 Responses to Test 20–$1000 Wedding

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    A good song,anyhow, if that’s any consolation.

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