Test 16–Let Me Roll It

May we please listen to Sir Paul tonight?  Was pulling up some saved YT videos, listened to Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth,” then for some reason, my brain flashed on McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It.” In my brief research, I only found an older version that would allow me to play itself, an old version usually being better, except that Sir Paul doesn’t age, and the newer version, that I couldn’t play here, has this drummer guy who must go 350 pounds, and plays drums like two 700 pound guys.  It’s worth the look, believe me.  You’ll know it when you see it.  The drummer will be filling the screen and all the commmenters will be talking about “Abe crushing the drums” and such.  If you can prove to me that Paul ever did a better song, I’ll buy you a Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese:

Update:  Although a search for “Let Me Roll It (Live)” gives me my favorite version of the drummer (which I can’t play here), I was able to find one with him in it, which showcases his energy (not nearly as much as some vids of him, though).  Sometimes Paul looks old.  He should, he still smokes weed, I imagine.  Who’s gonna tell him it makes him old around the eyes?  Would you?  Probably not.  Jesus, for the drummer.



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2 Responses to Test 16–Let Me Roll It

  1. ksbeth says:

    loved this especially the powerhouse drummer –

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