Test 8–Linda Ronstadt

Seeing if I can post any live Linda Slutstadt videos.  That’s what I so very cleverly used to think I called her in those days.  She had everything, face and voice of an angel.  Perfect feel, perfect pitch, perfect timing, perfect face.  I was and still am in love with Linda Ronstadt.  She has Parkinson’s and states that she cannot sing any more.  I always thought I’d wear black on that day if I outlived her, which I haven’t, but a huge part of her has gone already.  But it’s always here, whether I can link you there or you have to search for yt videos of Linda Ronstadt Willin yourself or not.

Again with the Love Has No Pride thing:

A woman can’t be a woman unless she’s fulfilled:

I’m in ’60s heaven:

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2 Responses to Test 8–Linda Ronstadt

  1. pscapp says:

    Have you read her autobiography? The title is ” Simple Dreams, A Musical Memoir.” In a stunning coincidence her nephew Michael is playing somewhat locally tonight in Boyertown, PA. He is a terrific musician. You should look him up. He’s performing with another great musician named Aaron Nathans. Their latest cd is called ” Crooked Fiddle.” It’s so sad that her voice is silenced.

    • Will have to look them up. I read most of her book and liked it a lot. I get a bit bored toward the end of any rock star book. The early parts where they struggled and then were noticed are a lot more interesting. Yeah, I don’t know how she handles it now.

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