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Random Thoughts From a Random Brain

–The most important thing first:  It’s Saturday here, the clock says it’s afternoon but it’s morning for me because it’s a weekend when my daughter isn’t here and I like sleep.  Again, after starting a sinkload of dishes to soaking, starting the … Continue reading

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A Sweet Video (Maybe)

This post was wordy and stupid.   It needs to be short and stupid.  I hate Google, I like watching youtube but hate their rules, I hate winter.  I love my readers.  Have a nice day. ———– Here it is, maybe.  … Continue reading

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Test 9–Rock And Roll Music

Forgive me, or not, as you wish, for saying this, but in any audio or video clip I’ve witnessed of the Beatles doing “Rock and Roll Music,” the other three dudes of this famous foursome are just John Lennon’s “n-words.”  Him ‘n’ Paul sang … Continue reading

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Test 8–Linda Ronstadt

Seeing if I can post any live Linda Slutstadt videos.  That’s what I so very cleverly used to think I called her in those days.  She had everything, face and voice of an angel.  Perfect feel, perfect pitch, perfect timing, … Continue reading

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“White Privilege” Is a Silly Term That Has Nothing to Do With Racism

Hi folks.  As Lyndon Johnson once said “I come to you tonight with a heavy heart.”  I come to you tonight to blast apart an absolutely ridiculously stupid term: “white privilege.”  Grant you, I’m anything but a logician, so you could … Continue reading

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