“It’s So Blessed Good To Feel Your Body”

I thought my turntable didn’t work; turns out I just was grounding it wrong.  Found some albums that I had, including Kris Kristofferson 40-some years before he redid it here at about age 76, I believe.  I think he’s still strong on the man’s part once he gets going, and has more feeling on the woman’s part than he would have managed in his 30s when he first did this (again, I believe).

Casey’s Last Ride:

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4 Responses to “It’s So Blessed Good To Feel Your Body”

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    This is a lovely song, one of my favorites of his. I agree about this version having so much more feeling than his earlier recordings.

    • I suppose that, since I am so much older myself, I really enjoy when someone even older than me still can sing well. All those years of feelings just seem to find their way into their modern interpretations.

  2. We went to see old KK a couple of months ago. He was still, well, Kris. I had a feeling his guitar wasn’t tuned quite right, and I think he may have forgot a few of his own lyrics – still I enjoyed it. At one point he said he was drunk – I’m still wondering if that was just part of the act (after all, he’s pissed in most of his songs, right?)

    • He probably was drunk, though, who knows, maybe he has some dementia also. Have you seen videos of Glen Campbell these days? He has bad Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home, but his fingers still make beautiful sounds on the guitar strings. Anyway, back in 2003, during my somewhat ill-fated trip to the Nashville area (car more or less died and had to cut my trip short), I went to the Grand Ole Opry show. Kris was one of the scheduled performers and it was just a couple weeks after Johnny Cash died. One of the songs he did was “Sunday Morning Comin’ Down”, which had been a #1 country hit for Cash in 1970 and, according to KK, the song that allowed Kris to quit working for a living. Also one of the few songs that I used to NOT butcher at karaoke. Back when I used to sing karaoke. Back when I used to go to bars. Back when I used to leave the house, ha ha.

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