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Test 6–Pink

Tonight’s soundtrack is brought to you by Pink with any of several live performances of “Just Like a Pill.”  If you have ever loved pop/rock music at all, would you say that she “knocked it out of the park” with … Continue reading

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My Joke For Today at Work

Do you ever have some stupid joke that pops into your head in the morning, and you think it’s so great that you have to share it with everyone at work, everyone that you think will enjoy it?  Yes?  Oh, you … Continue reading

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Calling Out All Internet Morons

I’m tired of the fucking internet.  I don’t know how people can possibly be on the internet all day like we are.  But we are, many of us anyway, or we’re on there too much at least.  And why?  Because … Continue reading

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Too Good Not to Share

Even though I promised just a couple days ago not to speak of any “longer-form” writing until I actually do this (so far fantasy project of mine), this gave me too good of a laugh NOT to share with you.  I … Continue reading

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The Firepit From Hell

Since I’m always a day (several months or years, more like) late and a dollar (how about several hundred) short on everything, I’m just now, now that it’s about 15 degrees F outside and nothing good in the long range … Continue reading

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I Will Not Apologize For Loving Her

I love Sinead.  I love “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair” from some Chile concert way back.  I love that you can find some songs sometimes on the y t thing.  I hate their copyright dipshittiness.  Sinead … Continue reading

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“It’s So Blessed Good To Feel Your Body”

I thought my turntable didn’t work; turns out I just was grounding it wrong.  Found some albums that I had, including Kris Kristofferson 40-some years before he redid it here at about age 76, I believe.  I think he’s still … Continue reading

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