Fall Library Booksale

The bagful of books that I picked up for $2/bag on the final day of the local library book sale recently:

1. Kurt Vonnegut “Breakfast of Champions”
2. Ivan Turgenev “Fathers and Sons”
3. Francoise Sagan “Sunlight on Cold Water”
4. James Joyce “Dubliners”
5. Charles A Siringo “A Texas Cowboy”
6. William Faulkner “Light in August”
7. John Steinbeck “Travels With Charley”
8. Edgar Allan Poe “Selected Tales”
9. E. Annie Proulx “Accordion Crimes”
10. Annie Dillard “The Writing Life”
11. Norton’s “Masterpieces of the Orient”
12. Willa Cather “O Pioneers!”
13. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn “‘We Never Make Mistakes'”
14. Niccolo Machiavelli “The Prince”
15. Joyce Carol Oates “Marya”
16. Maya Angelou “Gather Together in My Name”
17. Vonnegut “Bluebeard”
18. Steinbeck “The Wayward Bus”
19. “The Signet Classic Book of Southern Short Stories”
20. Dorothy Allison “Bastard Out of Carolina”

Haven’t read a one before, except for a couple stories here or there.  Didn’t feel like writing, but I knew that a list of books would be sort of like porn for you word-nerds, so I had to list it before it became part of the piles of books in my place.  Not like some hoarder, just too many books for my bookshelves.  I intend to win the lottery so that I can have more room for bookshelves.

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2 Responses to Fall Library Booksale

  1. Op shops are great for picking up books you might never read but it doesn’t matter because they’re only a dollar each. I got Eat Love Pray for one dollar and boy was it worth it!

    • “Op shops” is a new one for me, but I think I get the gist of it. Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of books for cheap that I would never have bought for full price, or probably even run across in the library. I did buy “Anna Karenina” at a bookstore new because I want to read it someday and will never finish it in the 4 weeks we have for library books. Hmm…unless I quit my job and just read and write. Thanks for stopping by again!

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