Test 5–Patty Loveless

(Or look up Patty Loveless “Here I Am”.)

I, fucking, hate, music conglomerates for playing keepaway with their copyrighted music.  If someone on Huff Post recommends a song, people will buy a download of it.  Same with less-popular websites.  But the companies don’t realize that.  Feel free to share your favorite music with me.

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2 Responses to Test 5–Patty Loveless

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    Here’s a song from 70s glitter band Sweet. It bombed, basically. Just too far from what the fans expected.
    If they’d released it under a pseudonym I’m sure it would have sold truckloads.
    And you’re dead right with your comments about the big music companies. They must have the memory span of a goldfish, because they’ve done this again and again over the past forty years. Every time a new medium comes along they try to suffocate it. They haven’t succeeded yet,

    • Good song–I’d never heard it before. Yeah, I think the music companies are just shooting themselves in the foot. Any publicity should be good publicity for them. Luckily slapping videos up here isn’t the only reason we do this blogging thing, but it’s fun, and they are fun-haters, apparently.

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