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A Potpourri of Crap

–If you do anything weird to this post, wordpress, I will hunt you down and force you to watch Fox News nonstop. –Why did the chicken cross the road?  Because it was despondent and there was a bus coming. –Me:  … Continue reading

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You Know Nothing Of it Your Pain A Speck A Dot A Blur I Forget Things You Can’t Conceive I Howl No More I Care No More I Love No More My Child Only No Romance To Stir My Soul … Continue reading

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What Whiskey Does To Me

Oh my God, wordpress, what the fuck did you do?  You ate big parts of my post.  I thought I had done something the first time, but this time I knew I didn’t.  Damn you, wordpress.  I will try to see … Continue reading

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Test 5–Patty Loveless

(Or look up Patty Loveless “Here I Am”.) I, fucking, hate, music conglomerates for playing keepaway with their copyrighted music.  If someone on Huff Post recommends a song, people will buy a download of it.  Same with less-popular websites.  But the … Continue reading

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Test 4–Chiquittita

My vocal hero is Sinead.  Sue me.  Allison Krauss has been taken over by a music conglomerate (her catalog, not her soul), but, last I looked, I was able to embed Sinead.  Probably has changed already.  I’d embed Sinead at … Continue reading

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Test 3–The Who

(Continuing on with this quest to see if the alphabet-soup music congloms will allow the embedding of live YT versions of some of my favorite songs.)  (No and then yes it would appear) What we’re looking for here is the … Continue reading

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You Waited 32 Days For THIS?

It’s been 32 days since I’ve “blogged” and you may wish it was 532 days when you get to the end. Did you know that in the famous “Hindenburg Disaster” of 1937 there was a big cover-up? Yeah, seems like … Continue reading

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