test (test 1)

The name of this blogpost is “test” (amended to become “test 1”); its objective is to see if certain performances are owned by a music conglomerate or not, and whether or not I can embed them here.  It doesn’t really make or break a typical blogpost, but it is fun.  To refer my few fans to a video that they can click on and listen to, or ignore, as they see fit, that is.  If the video thingamablobber gives you an error message, it’s Linda Ronstadt’s “Love Has No Pride.”

Linda states that she can’t sing at all now, due to Parkinson’s.  It is a good thing that she always used all her voice and didn’t hold back then, isn’t it?  She sang a great one called “Everbody Loves a Winner” on that same album.  Yes I’ve put them (Love Has No Pride and Everybody Loves a Winner) on here before.  No, I doubt you’ll be able to see them for very long without searching for them yourselves.  They are worth your time, if you like vocal performances.  I hate music conglomerates for what they’ve done to YT; they need to popularize their songs, not play keepaway.  I can’t play Allison Krauss on here any more, which sucks.  It’ll be a bad day when I can’t brag up a Sinead video, but I imagine it’ll come.  You can’t link to them any more either, because they’ve simplified the embedding, so that if you copy the address bar, it embeds it, but then the embedding is denied.  Can you say dumbfuck?

Linda Ronstadt’s “Everybody Loves a Winner,” maybe: (No, I guess not; look it up if you want on YT–it’s a great performance.  Their computer must not have discovered the “Love Has..” video yet, because that still plays for me tonight.  Whatever.  Fuck you, music conglomerates in general.  I get that Sting makes three quarters of a million bucks a year for songwriting credits for “Every Breath You Take” alone.  I’m all for that.  Let. Us. All. Help. You. Popularize. The. Music. You. Own.) (Duh.)


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