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Don’t Hesitate To Imitate

(Don’t blame me; I just found this on top of the fridge.  This is not me; it’s who I used to be, when I was much younger.  A few months ago, at least 🙂 Sorry to prate.): Did you ever … Continue reading

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Talkin’ ‘Bout Eye Boogers, Zuckerberg and Amazon

You know, in my positive moments, like when the shyest, sweetest, cutest, and stubbornnest person I’ve ever met (namely my daughter–we’ll call her “9”, after her age, because that’s what successful bloggers seem to do) is here, and brings sunshine … Continue reading

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Which Music Conglomerate Owns Psycho Killer?

A gem from 1975.  I’ll include the link in case some acronymous music corporation denies my ability to embed this here. Here’s the link.  Have a nice weekend. Whatever.  Now if I try to link it, it puts up the … Continue reading

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What Would David Sedaris Do?

I’m sure you’ve all heard all the Chuck Norris jokes, such as “What you don’t see in all those videos of the Berlin Wall coming down is that Chuck Norris was on the other side, roundhouse-kicking the wall down,” or … Continue reading

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