Havin’ A Bit A Fun

I ain’t got as many teeth as I used ta have.  I’m gonna get me some new ones though.  My daddy died a bit ago, an’ he didn’ leave me much, but he tole me to get me a couple a my teeth back with what he lef’ me.  I’ma get me a couple.

Me, if I was alive in 2014, and people was so weird as to write little stories on a computer an’ such, I’d be plum outta ideas tonight to write ’em a story.  So I’d tell ’em what my daddy tole me back in ’73 in Miss-sip, he tole me, “Billy Ed, you as white as a busted-up sack a flour layin’ in the road, but you ain’t no better ‘n anyone else.  You ‘member that.  Listen to this black fellah here, this Stevie Wonder dude.  I love you boy, but, you tell me boy, you done something like that yet, you an’ them boys just a partyin’ all day an’ all night, bangin’ an’ screechin’ on them guitars and drums like a bunch a drunk-ass Bigfoots or somethin’?  You do something like this ‘Livin’ for the City’, an’ we’ll talk about you being half the man this Wonder is.”

(Here, I’ll put the damn link up as well as the giant thumbnail so someone under 40, or anyone who maybe doesn’t know how good Stevie Wonder was at the pinnacle of his career, can click on one or the other, and YouTube can shut up):


Well, it’s either try to sound like an ignorant trailer trash from the South, or make up my own poem about Viagra.  That’s right, I got some spam comment the other day that looked like a poem or song lyric, in French, trying to sell me Viagra.  I wouldn’t mind a French woman, but I don’t want French Viagra poems.

I’m as dry of blog ideas as a busted sack of flour laying in the middle of an Arizona road in August.  But I am glad I got my bathrooms cleaned for the time being, and it’s Friday tomorrow.  I don’t care for cleaning bathrooms at all, but I immensely enjoy being, for the time being, done with cleaning the bathroom.  Otherwise it’s the same old sameness of this cold, cold winter and this boring old life.  At least in this internet age we can summon up any song we can think of and listen to it and watch a video of it, to help break the cabin fever a little.  Let’s see, someone mentioned Stevie Wonder, so we should hear “Village Ghetto Land”  (yeah they blocked the embedding of it, so here):


Tomorrow’s Friday for some of us, so that’s cool.  Thanks for listening.

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4 Responses to Havin’ A Bit A Fun

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    It’s so easy to create stereotypes about people. I’m glad to see your dad raking the stereotype about blacks. And then your story can help to break stereotypes about Southerners.

    Teaching in entertainment all at once.

    • Except that in real life my dad, who was for the most part one of the nicest people around, didn’t for some reason care for black people all that much. It’s still very Northern European around here, but in his day there were hardly in this area, so I don’t know, maybe he had a run-in with a “bad-apple” black man during WWII. He was very displeased when my sister dated a black guy for a while. It’s really the only thing I’m not too particularly proud of him about.

  2. Anna says:

    I was also a busted sack of flour, except I was lying in the miserable moistness of a Long Eaton rain puddle. But now I’m back, sort of. Probably. I just wanted to let you know I was alive. I’m really glad you are too.

    • Ditto. I’m quite glad you are alive also. I hear you’ve been having a spot of rain over there this winter. We’ve had a little snow and a LOT of cold. Cold weather should be an excuse to write because there’s nothing else to do. I, however, choose to celebrate winter by moping and drinking and losing all desire to write.

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