Good Christ, For the Talent of This Woman

If this video gets blocked by some company, I want you to know that tonight’s entertainment is brought to you by music fans everywhere, featuring the vocal abilities of K. D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.  Have a good weekend.

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2 Responses to Good Christ, For the Talent of This Woman

  1. Yes, she is pretty damn good! That said, I like LCs rendition too. I like how she puts herself forward exactly how she wants to be – she doesn’t kowtow to any expectations of female celebrities. Apart from the great voice.

    • Yes, I love his version also and have been wavering around as to which version I like the best. I had either never heard the song till recently or kind of blew it off. Now it and “Perfect Day” are about all I listen to when I’m visiting Youtube. I also like that he is smart enough to have some background singers for the chorus, because his voice is fine but is somewhat too deadpan to give the chorus the rousing rendition it deserves. And absolutely about KD. In my younger crappier days, I think I thought some unflattering things about her appearance. Now that I’m (barely) smarter, I say that people can be who they are, and look like they look, and it’s what’s in their souls that matter. As long as they’re not boring. Boring is inexcusable. 😉

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