Bear With Me

Please bear with me.  I’m so incredibly frustrated with YouTube, who has apparently been blackmailed by an alphabet soup of several music conglomerates into blocking music videos (amateur and otherwise) from being posted on lowly, unpopular blogs and most likely a lot of other websites.  This seems so unproductive and so non-businesslike, and what word am I searching for here, for crying out loud?  It’s a bad business decision, I think, because even a small amount of exposure is still exposure.  I put videos up for fun, because they’re what I felt or discovered at the time I was writing the post.  Hopefully the static picture of them (the standard YouTube still-shot with description and play arrow) doesn’t take too long for blog visitors to download, and if a reader thinks the video or song or artist looks interesting, they can click or not click.  Quite simple and shouldn’t be all that obtrusive.  But several companies don’t allow it any more.  Several (maddeningly) allowed some song videos I had up here for a while to stay, then blocked them.  I went back a few months and amended anything that was blocked, but it’s a lot of trouble over nothing.  I would rather have had a friend say, “I like some of your videos but they slow down the loading of your website and don’t add enough to the content to be worth the slowdown” or some such comment, rather than have these greed-heads block the videos.  I’ve seen it happen on other folks’ blogs also.  It sucks, and it’s so wrongheaded on the part of the music conglomerates.  Maybe WordPress and YouTube will sign an agreement and it’ll be allowed again.  Meantime I’m just experimenting with a couple songs that are still allowed from last November or so, to see if some ABC or XYG music conglomerate’s computer has somehow missed some older ones, or what the hell.

Ralph Stanley “Oh Death”, maybe:

Alison Krauss “Ghost in this House”, maybe:

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4 Responses to Bear With Me

  1. BroadBlogs says:

    Yeah, that does seem like a bad business decision. Hopefully WordPress will hear you and take action.

    • That would be nice. I wonder if it’s just Youtube, though, and WordPress probably doesn’t care about it. Who knows? Of course, videos shouldn’t be the meat of our blogposts, but they are fun to put up, and to go back and view on your own blog, and I’ve discovered some artists and songs I really like, simply through other bloggers putting up videos.

  2. Gregoryno6 says:

    I haven’t had them blocked, but now and then I go back through the archives and find that one youtube link or another has died – too many copyright violations is often cited as the reason. Or the account just closed, or maybe the account holder was hit by a falling piano and experienced a radical change in their musical preferences.
    YT DID crap me off immensely though when they blocked my Hitler downfall parody. They already had dozens and I’m sure they’ve allowed more since – maybe they just needed me to appeal with a plea for Fair Usage, but at the time I said Screw you, I’ve got Vimeo.
    PS: Again, this isn’t the problem you’ve described above, but since about the start of the year I’ve had a lot of trouble opening YT links. About half the time they stall and the message comes up that “An error has occurred. Try again later.” The quick solution is to copy the address and paste it in a new tab, but who needs that frustration?

    • They do make everything difficult, don’t they? It makes me wonder if they want their advertising dollars, which should be their bread and butter, or if they’re more concerned about copyrights and lawsuits. I’ve had quite a few videos that I’ve put up here that I go back and try to open, and it tells me I now have to go directly to YT, because of some 3-letter music conglomerate or other. I guess the blog is about the content, not the videos (unless the blog is about a video), but still, they’re fun to put up here and to see on other’s blogs, and it’s just such a pain and so selfish and pointless of them, I think.

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