So Good Yet So Bad

I’ve always loved drug songs.  Mostly “my friend was taken by them” songs, though “Comfortably Numb” is perhaps the best song ever about drugs,  and it celebrates being in some way high as much as any song ever has.  Singers and songwriters and singer/songwriters have poured as much heartbreak and emotion into them as they have into most love songs, because of course it is love for the one who was taken, with the artist’s feelings amplified perhaps by their own intoxicants or depressants, that fuels the intensity of the emotions expressed in these songs.  Somehow I got to “Bangla Desh” by George Harrison tonight in my YT travels, and they mentioned Leon Russell there, which of course made me think of the incomparable “Me and Baby Jane.”:

“Sweet Cousin Cocaine, lay your cool cool hand on my head”:

(Video of Rolling Stones “Sister Morphine” greedily blocked by Universal Music Group.)

One of the lesser-known “warning” songs about addiction is from John Mayall, “Accidental Suicide”:

(Video of John Mayall “Accidental Suicide” pointlessly blocked by UMG)

Really, to be safe, one should just stick with the occasional drink.  A sip every 38 seconds or so on a weekend night shouldn’t cause any problems, do you think?  “Twenty years of rotgut whisky done killed this poor man dead”:

(Video of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Poison Whiskey” inanely blocked by UMG).

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2 Responses to So Good Yet So Bad

  1. Gregoryno6 says:

    And then there are the songs that (probably) weren’t about drugs (probably) to start with, but get loaded with massive drug connotations decades later.
    Case in point: Crystal Blue Persuasion.

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