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Havin’ A Bit A Fun

I ain’t got as many teeth as I used ta have.  I’m gonna get me some new ones though.  My daddy died a bit ago, an’ he didn’ leave me much, but he tole me to get me a couple … Continue reading

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Good Christ, For the Talent of This Woman

If this video gets blocked by some company, I want you to know that tonight’s entertainment is brought to you by music fans everywhere, featuring the vocal abilities of K. D. Lang singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.  Have a good weekend.

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How is Blogging Like Pigeon Fancying?

I imagine you have heard of people, in New York City and elsewhere, who keep flocks of pigeons on rooftops.  They are called “pigeon-fanciers,” and of course are crazy because they do not think exactly like I do.  Seriously, they … Continue reading

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Bear With Me

Please bear with me.  I’m so incredibly frustrated with YouTube, who has apparently been blackmailed by an alphabet soup of several music conglomerates into blocking music videos (amateur and otherwise) from being posted on lowly, unpopular blogs and most likely … Continue reading

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What Mild Depression Feels Like

I know what it’s like to be down, to feel that not much is worth anything, to hide away from the world.  I do NOT know what it means for this to go on and on and on for so … Continue reading

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What’s Not To Love About Texting?

Texting is about the goofiest crap ever invented, don’t you think?  It’s something that everyone looks stupid doing.  I feel safe in saying this because I look stupidest of everyone.  This isn’t limited to the fact that I have an … Continue reading

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There’s A Party Goin’ On

Hello. Wow, they let me play it! For tonight, anyway. A bit, shall we say, not exactly misogynist but certainly chauvinistic, but it was the early ’70s in country music USA. A beautiful song about waiting for someone you love, … Continue reading

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