Fight Club and Other Thoughts About Testosterone

So, I finally decided I’d better actually read “Fight Club” by Chuck Puh-lunk, and “Nevermore” by Neil Gaiman, just to see what everyone keeps masturbating about and fawning over, in regard to these two authors.  I’m not very far into “Nevermore”, so will hold any comments about that.  The main reason I never read “Fight Club” before is that the movie sounded like a bunch of “testosterone-fueled bullshit”.  “The number one rule of Fight Club is”, blah, blah, blah.  And what’s with the bodily fluids in the food–is this middle school or “Jackass, the Book” or what?  Plus I can’t stand Brad Stupid-Haircuts, I’m-So-Cool, Aren’t-Me-and-George-Clooney-Suave, Dump-One-Hot-Actress-For-Another, Pitt, and Angelina SquareJaw, Scary Lips, Kiss-Your-Brother, Adopt-A-Million-Kids, Jolie, so I rejected the movie and the book right then and there for years.  Edward “Hey-Norton” is sorta cool, but still I just don’t really care for people just beating the shit out of each other, in movies, books, or real life.  I like war movies, and I don’t like craft shows, and I dimly remember that I’m heterosexual (the sight of a woman’s face or ass will still take my breath away, and the sight of a guy will do nothing for me), though, like a dog chasing a car, I’m not sure I’d know what to do with a woman if I did bash my stupid head into her fender and roll off into the ditch.  It’s hard to believe that I’m sober writing this, isn’t it?

What I’m getting at is that this Chuck Pah-lunk fucker has good basic skills as a writer, and was able to draw me in, and keep me mostly interested, and of course the whole plot of the book is more Twilight Zone than it is Jackass or Raging Bull or any other testosterone-fueled bullshit, but those aspects are still there.  The people are certainly unlikeable, though of course those who read and write will point out that the old perv in “Lolita” was quite reprehensible, though he had some charms, and it’s considered to be great literature (have started that book a couple times, but not gotten far yet ever).

It’s not that I want every book or movie to be “Steel Magnolias” or some such shit (never read or watched), but I just don’t care for relentless testosterone-fests any more than I care for “special-effects crap” (think “Transformers” movies) or gore-for-the-sake-of-gore horror movies.  “Silence of the Lambs” is great; any “Friday the 13th” stuff, sorry it’s not my thing.

What I’m getting at in my disjointed, unhinged way is that “Fight Club”  (the book) drew me in somewhat, and the guy has writing abilities, but the whole “beat the shit out of me so that I can feel” thing doesn’t do a whole lot for me.

I do enjoy the differences between men and women, and don’t think it’s just being an aging, poor, bitter guy in a one-horse town, where all women within dating age of me are taken or stupid or materialistic, or, most unforgivable of all, boring, that keeps me from either on the one hand being the Lothario I’d like to be, or on the other hand settling down with some nice, funny, smart woman.  I also don’t “have game”, never really had, so, what I’m getting at is that I probably could use more testosterone, which might also cause me to enjoy things like “Fight Club” more.  Or some damn thing.  But, though a person shouldn’t live their whole damn life avoiding cancer-causing things, if you’ve ever known anyone with cancer or studied it at all, you know that one thing the docs try to do is suppress hormones.  In layman’s terms, cancer is a dirty little thing that is like a rabid dog feeding on a person’s body.  The cells of a person’s body are like dog food for cancer, and hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are like dog treats for cancer.  So, for the limited gains you get from testosterone, you’re somewhat playing with fire by taking these supplements.  It’s just plain stupid, I think.  Exercise and eating right and Viagra should be enough (not Cialis; you’d sprain a nut lugging those heavy bathtubs around and wouldn’t do the woman any good anyway).

Of course, a guy has to run into the ladies in the first fucking place.

Do you have strong opinions about “Fight Club” the book?  Do you have strong opinions about the post editor screen in wordpress jumping all over the place at times?

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2 Responses to Fight Club and Other Thoughts About Testosterone

  1. I guess I must have enough testosterone for both of us Kevin because I loved the book and the movie, too. This is one of the rare times in fact that I can say I loved the book and film equally, although for different reasons. Although I must admit that I have been in a fistfight more than once in my life, I have not attended any fight club meetings during my adulthood. Your “disjointed, unhinged way” is very nice and not disjointed or unhinged at all to those who have been reading you for awhile– the central theme and style emerges.

    • You? A schoolyard brawler perhaps? 😉 I would never have thought, or maybe I would. I certainly think you are tougher than me in most ways, Anna, tough yet all girl. Have I dug a deep enough hole for myself yet?
      I may have to reread Fight Club, since I respect your opinions in regard to all things literary. But I guess I did say I liked parts of it, didn’t I; I just found some of it really abhorrent. Not sure if I’ll ever watch the film, though. Probably sometime, just to see how it differs from the book.
      I don’t know–lately I’ve been writing in a blur and thinking it was great and then going back and doubting it. I suppose most all people who write do that. Good “talking” to you again.

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