Random Thoughts 2014

Wow, thanks, WordPress, for letting me type here.  So nice of you.  I’m still not going to lower myself to do your DP challenge.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable with two other people anyway.  I don’t think you should promote double penetration over monogamous behavior either.  But that’s your thing.

Random, oh so random:

Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but the “Lost in Space” episode called “The Deadly Games of Gamma 6” is the gayest TV I’ve ever seen.  A Japanese older guy in a bikini is sitting, smiling, on the lap of another Japanese guy by a boxing ring about halfway through.

More Hutterite smut:  “Wouldst thou be offended if I inquired if thou wished to be covered in my seed ‘from the top of thy bonnet to the tip of thy slippers?'”

I didn’t know till just now that Debra Winger was ever in “Wonder Woman”.  She played Drusilla, who dressed a lot like Wonder Woman, which is how I first realized that it was Debra Winger instead of Lynda Carter, because WW didn’t look quite right.  Will have to watch now to see if Drusilla is good or bad.  She (Deb) was quite good in “Mike’s Murder” wasn’t she?  A great, awful B-movie.  Perhaps a B+ movie?  Ha.

Reading other people’s blogposts or other writings that have repetitive themes, or books that do the same, is a great lesson to a person to try not to do that yourself.  Though everyone should worship me, for my love of “White Rabbit” by Grace Slick, or “To Love Somebody” by anyone other than Michael Bolton, or because I’ve talked about trivial ESP experiences, once should be enough for anyone to read each theme of mine (though of course the sheer greatness of my opinion might be missed by new readers).  “Kurt Vonnegut syndrome”– all your books are alike.  Everyone should read “Slaughterhouse 5”, but few should read anything else by him.  Maybe “Cat’s Cradle”.

A video rental store I was at once had “Slaughterhouse 5” in the horror section.

The James Bond quote in “For Your Eyes Only”, stolen by that prick Confucius, apparently, where he tells the French/Greek hottie, “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, first dig two graves”–yeah, the chick should answer “Why, does the fucker have a friend?”

Honorable mention for taglines for my blog include “Kneel Before Zod” and “I’m surprised that my sheer greatness hasn’t caused the world to explode.”  Yeah, I’m kind of regressing; I believe it’s a form of cabin fever.  I’m glad I only went “into” town for a little while today; everyone seemed like they took a stupid and/or crabby pill.

Drusilla’s good, by the way; she’s WW’s sister and rather saves the day (that’s British for “she saved the day”).

Obviously the best if you’re not an idiot my favorite Journey song, “Send Her My Love”:

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts 2014

  1. gene3067 says:

    Awesome song! It should be part of their “Dirty Dozen”.

  2. The Hook says:

    You killed me in the opening, so I’ve got nothin’… I’m still recovering!

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