Did you ever see an album, on YT or somewhere, and remember that you liked it before at some time, had even owned it once, but can’t remember why you liked it, and have to wade through at least 6 songs before hearing one you like, a LOT, so that you don’t think you had some crazy misguided memory?  Really, you have?  What a nutjob you are.  I’m kidding, of course; I did that with Lou Reed’s Berlin.  I went from the song which is used in an ad lately, “Perfect Day”, to the album Berlin, and finally to “The Kids”, a wonderful song by the freaky one:

(Video of Lou Reed’s “The Kids” removed by SME)

Did Lou Reed like the Cowboy Junkies version of “Sweet Jane”?  Though it would be interesting to know, I like it, which, along with knowing that I have a place to play it loud, is all that matters right this minute:

(Video of Cowboy Junkies’ “Sweet Jane” removed by SME).

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