Walk Me Out in the Morning Dew

Tonight’s slightly drunk “in-praise-of” music blog is about my little Glasgow bitch, Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, aka Lulu, plus Mr. Grateful Dead himself, Jerry Garcia.  I don’t need to look it up; I’m sure I’ve yapped about how great “To Sir With Love” is here before.  It’s a well-crafted song of the ’60s from a Sidney Twat-e-a movie by the same name.  It’s OK for me to make fun of a name and revere them at the same time, by the way.  If I ever bore you with some “Top-10 Songs” of all time list, “To Sir With Love” would always be on it.  It’s that fucking well-crafted.  In the ’90s, I used to come home from drunken post-softball parties and drive around the neighborhood listening to this song over and over before going home to the dog and the family.  “(Walk Me Out in the) Morning Dew” is a great post-apocalyptic song, done by Lulu and others.  If I were a betting man, I’d say that Jerry Garcia’s vocal in the Grateful Dead’s version of this is a candidate for “Best Vocal Performance Ever, By a Person Who For the Most Part Couldn’t Sing a Fucking Lick To Save His Fucking Life”.

Oh, and, by the way, have I ever mentioned how much I admire actress Amy Adams?  She’s 39, by the way, and when she was 16 I would have been 34, which would have been creepy, but now I’m only 58 while she’s pushing hard against 40, which would be the right age difference for me to appreciate her wholesome nakedness.  Just saying.  😉 The proper credit here is that I got this picture off the internet:


Lulu “To Sir With Love”:

(Video blocked by SME)

Lulu “Morning Dew”:

Jerry Garcia “Morning Dew”:

(Video of Grateful Dead’s “Europe ’72” version of “Morning Dew” blocked by WMG)

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