Wooden Ships

A song writ by CSN and JA.  I like the song in general, but the first 1:04 of guitar intro by Jorma Kaukonen should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by itself.

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7 Responses to Wooden Ships

  1. But… what if you like the CSN version more? It seems more haunting to me.

    • I kinda hate to agree with anything other than what I stated while drunk-blogging, but I think you’re right. And the guitar is great and clean all the way through (I’m assuming most of the lead is Stephen Stills), and, except for them not having Grace, the singing is better, the harmonies quite a bit better. It seems odd that Graham Nash doesn’t seem to have a lead in this multi-part vocal, though.

      • Nash didn’t write it. Stills and Kantner wrote the words and Crosby wrote the music.

        • That makes sense then, doesn’t it? I was just reading in the “Volunteers” liner notes where Stills wrote the verse about horror gripping them as they watch the others die–my favorite verse. How does a mere child like you know so much about this old song? Were you conceived to it?

          • CSN/CSNY was one of my first favorite bands as a kid. And for all I know, probably. And for all you know, I’m older than you.

            • Well, I’m glad you weren’t too offended, EH. Don’t know what it may have been, but something you’ve said on your blog has led me to believe you are younger than 58 by a ways. It’s great to discuss music I’m familiar with, with other bloggers, since I don’t keep up much with newer music. “4-Way Street” was one of my first albums ever. I wore that thing out.

            • Oh, well yeah. I’m 45 as of next Thursday.
              I recently got into all those albums again. Also the Yes albums of that same time.

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