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Of Angels on Earth and Nazi Prison Guards

Originally posted on Trailertrashdeluxe's Blog:
Of Angels on Earth and Nazi Prison Guards: The worst word in the English language is not “death”, “disease”, or “heartbreak.”  It’s not “loneliness”, “murder”, “evil”, “divorce”, or “separation.”  It’s not even “cancer”, because…

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Hey WordPress, Is Anyone Actually Reading Me?

You know what really chaps my ass?  Well, my dominatrix’s riding crop for one thing, duh, but I mean besides that.  What really chaps my ass is stupid stuff that computers do and that software gurus do.  I’m the first … Continue reading

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Fight Club and Other Thoughts About Testosterone

So, I finally decided I’d better actually read “Fight Club” by Chuck Puh-lunk, and “Nevermore” by Neil Gaiman, just to see what everyone keeps masturbating about and fawning over, in regard to these two authors.  I’m not very far into … Continue reading

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Beyond Anybody’s Respect or Help

I’ve said it before; I go to rummage sales or library used book sales to find things I’ve always wanted to read or discover unique-looking books.  Some of them I will pick up because I can tell right away they … Continue reading

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I Do Not Have Cabin Fever

I’ve changed my tune.  I love it when tomorrow’s forecast high temp is for around 8 degrees below zero F.  I love it that the wind is blowing a steady 35-40 mile per hour, with gusts over 50, and the temp … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts 2014

Wow, thanks, WordPress, for letting me type here.  So nice of you.  I’m still not going to lower myself to do your DP challenge.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable with two other people anyway.  I don’t think you should promote double penetration … Continue reading

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Why Mother Nature Needs To Stick Winter Up Her Ass

Recently, after reading a nice person’s blog where the writer wants everyone to quit whining about winter, I commented about my loathing of all things winter.  That was wrong of me.  It was wrong in that I should have put those … Continue reading

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