Pure and Simple Laziness…

…is what has kept me from answering any recent comments.  It’s nice of any of you to read me.  Seems like a lot of bloggers go through a cycle of: beginning overtures, give-and-take interested comment exchanges, perhaps giddy semi-popularity, plateau times of boredom and frustration at not getting more popular, then what?  Then one just has to write for the sake of writing, which one should have had one’s lazy ass doing in one’s first place.

Gotta love this woman:

There’s a cake called “better-than-sex” cake, which is basically some kind of chocolate thing with the baker poking their where-has-that-finger-been finger into several places in the cake and drizzling some even sweeter, creamier, richer crap into the holes made by the finger, but I say, if you drink a little extra alcohol in the late afternoon/early evening time frame, then pass out for a while, wake up on the couch, think about drinking a little more, then grab some water instead, I’d say that after about one and three-quarters glasses of water drank with barely drawing a breath, that that water was way better than sex at that time.  Winning may be better than sex sometimes, though winning followed by sex would be even better.  Water, wine, sex, cake, are some of my favorite things.  Let’s put the holidays to bed:

(“My Favorite Things” and “I’m Livin’ in Shame” by Diana Ross and the Supremes were blocked here, as well as “Lola” by the Kinks.)

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2 Responses to Pure and Simple Laziness…

  1. chamblee54 says:

    I saw the Kinks once. When they introduced lola, they had a sing along. The men would sing l o, the women would sing l a, and if you weren’t sure you could clap your hands.

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