Emily and Mabel’s Birthday Tradition

Mabel saw him first.

Stop,” said Emily.

The young jogger came up to their car.

Emily promptly shot him.

“We’re eighty today.  Maybe we should stop.”

Stop!  We promised Daddy on his deathbed.”


The Trifecta Trifextra weekend challenge wanted 33 words to include one word 3 times, but it had to be a verb, noun, or adjective all the way through, as in, “stop” couldn’t be a noun here (which is a good thing, because if I had the jogger come to a stop I surely would have exceeded 33 words).

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6 Responses to Emily and Mabel’s Birthday Tradition

  1. Wow. Now there’s a death bed promise! Thanks for linking up!

  2. So when they are asked what they do to stay so young…?
    Hmmm Wondering which way that promise went.

  3. Christine says:

    Jeez! That is one scary tradition! I rather prefer birthday cake. 🙂

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