Fear of Being Unable to Write About Armlessness Without Being Vulgar

What?! would be a legit reaction to the title; it’s for a weekend challenge for Trifecta to write about fear(s).


My daughter could still hug me
I could lean into her
Hold her head with my neck

But I couldn’t
Paper for
Certain things
Without someone else’s arms.


This was a fun challenge with way too many possibilities, which for me would include at least the following fears:

Anything tragic or really evil happening to my daughter.
Any “5 years or less remaining” terminal diagnosis for me before, say, age 90.
The usual:
Continued romance-lessness
Dating a boring or stupid woman who was otherwise really nice.
Or Alzheimer’s or depression or war or the breakdown of society.
Finding out that I am truly talentless after all.

That last one led me to write this: it’s a metaphor, I suppose, for whatever ability I have with the pen.  I can intrigue folks sometimes, definitely shock them at times, make them laugh at times, but it’s tough to know which direction to go at times.  Whether to have a character be truly evil, truly noble, or for them to see the whimsical in everything, and be actually funny, which must shock a little I think, without being too vulgar.  It’s like trying to open 3 doors at once, to get out of a room.  It doesn’t work all that well, does it?

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14 Responses to Fear of Being Unable to Write About Armlessness Without Being Vulgar

  1. Lumdog says:

    I enjoyed this, so true. Liked your post script as well.

  2. I think the mark of good writing is, among other things, to provoke an immediate reaction that, upon further reflection, deepens into a grander understanding of the point you are trying to make. At first blush, your post appears by turns, silly and then, politically incorrect and insensitive. However, upon further reflection, I would agree with you that I, too, would not want to relinquish my dignity and my independence of life, either. I think your points are well-taken and originally put. Well done. 🙂

    • Well, I wouldn’t exactly know what to do with myself if I couldn’t be insensitive. I appreciate your well thought out answer. And I’d say this post was all those things. Thank you, thanks a lot for reading.

  3. Oh yes, good one. Thanks for linking up! Be sure to come back and vote for your favorites.

  4. Dude, you can’t have all these fears and be a “chick magnet”. LOL, take care of yourself. I enjoy your blog.

  5. Draug419 says:

    Becoming armless would be pretty bad indeed.

  6. KymmInBarcelona says:

    Another fear I didn’t have a few minutes ago. Thanks.
    The whole “paper” management problem. *shiver*

  7. Anna says:

    Your sense of humour is bloody brilliant, this one gave me a proper good, uh… chuckle 🙂

    • Thanks, Anna. You’re too kind. There’s been a cloud, not exactly a black cloud, but certainly a blah gray cloud (grey cloud in the U. K., p’haps?) hanging around in these parts, and the writing thing has suffered a bit. So am catching up on a few comments here and there finally. Good tidings to you.

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