Zombie Crisis

Drawing credit: http://www.poisonedplayground.com/


“Aaaarrrrgggghhh!  The basement’s flooded!”

“Relax, honey!  You don’t want parts falling off during my mother’s visit.  Remember how she found your little toe in her soup last time?”

“Yeah, funny how that happened.”


(For a Trifextra prompt:  33 words following the drawing.  Yeah, I know it looks more like a mountain lake in the moonlight than a suburban basement, but that’s what came to mind, is a zombie family crisis.)

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8 Responses to Zombie Crisis

  1. Reminds me of the zombie hockey joke about there being a face-off in the corner. Yikes! Thanks for the grim chuckle. 🙂

  2. Draug419 says:

    Next time make it an eyeball and maybe she won’t come back!

  3. I think I know what you could add to make her stay away forever.

  4. Anna says:

    Oh my God, I love this. Zombies have to think about ‘normal people’ things, as well as brains… it breaks my heart to think that some people just don’t understand and run away screaming. Maybe he just wants to ask you about housing inflation? See? SEE?!

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