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Yappin’ ‘Bout Books

Books are fun.  They’re challenging, or escapist, or sweet, or harsh, or dry, or raucous, or inspiring, or insipid, or thrilling, or just there.  I’ve had people tell me “I can’t imagine reading a book.”  I can’t imagine not reading … Continue reading

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A Beastly Shopping Trip

Beast grabbed more teacups.  Mrs. Potts kept breaking them, ever since Chip threw himself off the parapet.  If only Beast had successfully wooed Belle; Chip wanted so bad to be a boy again. ——————– Yeah I have to rely on other people … Continue reading

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Fear of Being Unable to Write About Armlessness Without Being Vulgar

What?! would be a legit reaction to the title; it’s for a weekend challenge for Trifecta to write about fear(s). ————- My daughter could still hug me I could lean into her Hold her head with my neck But I … Continue reading

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Running Late

“Ready, honey?” “Pardon me?” “Don’t pretend you forgot.” “I hate these things, ‘romance-novel’ style.” “What the…” “I hate art exhibit openings ‘with a burning passion that goes beyond all reason’.” “But, honey, if I sell a painting, maybe you could … Continue reading

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Make me a Me!

The 3 undead sat at a table in the center of the bar, getting mightily stupid.  The zombie-hunters had them surrounded, for some reason deciding to let the 3 get shit-faced before they blew them back to hell. Zombie 1 called out:  … Continue reading

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If Only You Were Here

I hate the made-up word “meme”.  It makes me want to become a spree-killer.  I hate its appearance, its pronunciation, its meaning, its very existence, its origin by some guy saying we should make up some excruciatingly dorky word to … Continue reading

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In Some Way

I would in some way apologize for putting this old, dried-up, over-emotional, whispering shit on here as a featured item, if it weren’t for the fact that it is so motherFUCKING good.: To my friends, I like to sing this as … Continue reading

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