Every Other Singer Can Just Suck It

I just happened to feel like playing some music videos I had saved of Linda Ronstadt tonight, when I read some comments that said she couldn’t sing any more due to Parkinson’s disease, that NO ONE could sing with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, which would be like death anyway, even if you didn’t have her voice, which is/has been/was the greatest thing ever.  Oh, and, anyway, Google says that it’s true–she’s announced that very thing.  She could throw away more incredible sounds than anyone could ever try for.  Please, whether they are allowed to play here or not, listen to Linda Ronstadt and Bobby Darin Long Long Time, or to any Linda Ronstadt Love Has No Pride, or any Linda Ronstadt Willin’.  When I win the lottery, her version of “Willin'” will be my ringtone.  Although I’ve never watched the whole thing, I believe she was silly when confronting Howard Stern’s friend Robin Quivers on some show, and has been ridiculed for her politics, but, in her prime, she was head and shoulders above any other voice in the history of fucking singing.  Effortlessly.

Linda’s “Love Has No Pride”:

Bobby Darin was a big star in the 1960s, but he died too young.  He had his own show, apparently, and thought so much of Linda Ronstadt that he played acoustic guitar for her.  I love the white-haired lady here who will not be denied her viewing of Bobby after Linda moves down to the main stage to sing:

Linda Ronstadt’s version of “Willin'”:

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8 Responses to Every Other Singer Can Just Suck It

  1. I agree. I love it when she sings in Spanish. BTW, one of my favorite writers, Philip K Dick, had a HUGE stalkerish crush on her.

    • He can’t have her; she’s mine. Oh, I guess he’s gone, and she and I are way older now, and nothing’s like it was, is it? She was a babe in her day. I haven’t listened to much of her newer stuff, as in newer than about 1980.

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    Ooh Baby, Baby. She is the ONLY person who can sing that song the way it’s meant to be sung.

  3. I loved her voice from the first time I heard her sing the theme song to a show I think was called, Headmaster, in the sixties. I didn’t care much for that Andy Griffith vehicle, but I always wanted to know who sang that song and why I couldn’t find a recording of it anywhere. Imagine my glee when Long, Long Time came out and her music kept on comin’. I loved what she did with a song, and I learned how to sing from playing her records over and over.

    Her politics saddened me and tied me in knots for a while, but I’m truly sorry to hear that she can’t sing anymore. I can’t imagine how that feels. But the memories live on.

    • I thought I was her biggest fan ever, but I’d never heard of that show or her theme song to it till now. Of course I was able to find it now on the Tube. It doesn’t seem like there were that many songs that really fit her, in some way. But she was my favorite musical artist for a long, um, long time.
      I think I tend to somehow be wordy, yet trite, when I drunk-blog like I did here. I glossed over the whole thing with her and Robin Quivers. I’ve never been able to watch it, because it was painful to see what a moron Linda was then. I agree that Howard Stern is an idiot, a mostly talentless one whose whole thing, when his show was on tv, was to ridicule Gary Yabbadabbadoo or whatever his name was, and tell big-breasted women how hot they were. But, he and Robin were co-workers, probably friends, who went way back. Linda telling Robin that H.S. was an idiot made about as much sense as people telling me that my friends are assholes. I know that, but it’s not other people’s business. I kind of agree with a lot of what I’ve heard of Linda’s opinions, but she’s been very tactless about it (which she herself has admitted somewhere).

      It’s really good to see you around, places, again, Re. It’s hard to get around to blogging, though, isn’t it? I hope that you are fully recovered.

  4. Anna says:

    I didn’t think I knew who this was, but at playing the first video, of course I do (and, naturally, Bobby Darin). There is something so special about music from this sort of era, nothing since has ever quite the same impact on the soul.

    • I’d have to agree with you, Anna, about music from that era being special. But then that crazy rock and roll that you young hippies play nowadays is going to be the downfall of society, and lead to drugs and Communism and all kinds of permissiveness. 😉

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