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I Trust You’re Happy With Yourselves

You know, you ladies out there?  Well, I just fail to understand why you and I are still not having sex.  Is it my poor fashion sense?  The rust on my car?  My lack of a seaside vacation home?  My sporadic gassiness?  The … Continue reading

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Mensa Candidates

I work in the back corner of a “big-box” home-improvement store, so I don’t have a lot of contact with customers.  Bringing things up front, going to break, heading to the bathroom, “mall-walking” during slow times, and whatnot, all cause … Continue reading

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Simpler Times

Remember when? The whir of a mosquito Didn’t maybe mean death? The gleam in a girl’s eye Wasn’t for some other guy? The song in your heart Said something other than just blah? ————— For Trifextra:  33 words including at … Continue reading

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Family Road Trip

— ROAD TRIP It was a beautiful spring day in the middle of South Dakota.  Momma Edna (Eddie Mae), Jennie, and I were toolin’ along, singing along with Johnny and June. “You never found your June Carter, did you, Daddy?” “Your dad … Continue reading

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“Well You Can Pick Up a Pen!” (The Hernia Times)

First of all, thanks to whoever read me 38 times in one hour last night, when I’ve had very few “hits” lately.  Unless you’re a spammer, then what the fuck? I have to start with a hearty “knock on wood”, … Continue reading

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