No More Talk

We meet, we’re 19,
We talk, we talk and talk,
We talk till dawn,
We sleep till noon, make love till 4,
We eat, we talk, make love and talk,
We drink, we dance, we talk, make love till dawn,
We talk, we smile, we laugh, we talk.

We talk of rings, we’re 23,
We talk of kids, of yards, of houses, jobs, TVs,
We talk of books, we talk of songs,
We talk of sunsets, storms and dawns.
We talk of births, one, two, then three,
We talk of preschool, picnics, Disney, Nick, bad dreams.

We talk of trips, we’re 53,
We talk of college, weddings, grandkids, new dreams.
We talk of savings, checkups, of false teeth,
We talk of gray hair, cancer, heart disease,
We talk of taxes, war, bad news,
We talk, we talk, we talk and talk.

We don’t talk much, we’re 63,
We talk appointments, news, and family.
We talk of lawyers, separation, old hurt feelings never healed.
One weekend day we wake, eat breakfast, watch TV,
Exhaust all talk by 9am,
Look in horror at each other,
Get in our separate cars and drive away.
For Trifecta again, 33-333 words include the third definition of “exhaust”, as in “exhaust all the possibilities of something”. I’m not really crazy about this poem, but I need to do it sometimes, some poetry, to “cleanse the palate” so I can go back to fiction or ranting. The last 4 lines don’t flow with the rest of the poem, but I suppose I could tell you I meant to do that, because their life together stopped flowing. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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21 Responses to No More Talk

  1. Draug419 says:

    It might read a little patchy, but it has some strong emotions that shine through. I like it (:

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    Yadda, yadda, yadda.

  3. Sandra says:

    I liked the idea. I might want to demur at the content of the last two stanzas though. 😉

  4. Lumdog says:

    You managed to describe my marriage to a T from beginning to end except the age range was 18-56. Your piece is great the way it is. Despite your “made up” excuse, you needed to break the pattern in the last four lines. Great entry.

    • Wow, sorry to hear that. They start with a roaring blaze and end with a whimper sometimes, don’t they? Or something like that. I’m glad you like it as it is.

      • I had to come back here because your piece just resonated with me so much. I’m not too sorry about the split because we just became two different people (whimper would overstate the level of interaction. lol!). But the idea that two people don’t talk anymore goes to the heart of things. It seems that nothing is more improtant than talking, both in terms of enjoying each other and being excited to hear the next interesting thing and in being able to discuss issues. If these things are gone, it is deadly.

  5. atrm61 says:

    Aw shucks-it got posted with one alphabet-my apologies!But I guess it can read,”Perfect to the T”:-)I loved the flow & even the last stanza made perfect sense-that’s the worst when you find that you have stopped talking-when you have nothing to say to each other anymore-scary!

  6. So the secret is to keep talking?

    • You would think that I thought “talk” was the prompt word, wouldn’t you? I didn’t really think of it specifically when I wrote this, but back when I was married, we went out to eat this one time, and I wasn’t talking much. My ex, later that evening, told me she figured we were done if we had nothing to talk about while just the two of us were eating out together. What had happened was that I was all bent out of shape about never getting time on the new computer I had presented the family for Christmas, and was pouting, I suppose you could say. (This was back in the 90s when not everyone had internet access from everywhere. We divorced a couple years later for other reasons.) So I suppose the seed of the idea was from that.

  7. deanabo says:

    I really enjoyed this.

  8. Starts out sounding like a song, then rushes through the middle and ends abruptly. Even so, the last two lines are wonderful!

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