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So Pretty

“You’re so pretty. You’re welcome. Yes, it’s my first date since my divorce 2 years ago. I just couldn’t bring myself to date anyone local; my wife was, haha, I mean my ex-wife IS, so popular in that town that … Continue reading

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He came, quietly, Huge and urgent, The inner blankness. What? A sensation beneath his ribs: The Woman, Pricked, pink, hollow-boned, Wild, clanking, squawking, Shouted with panic. Never mind. That’s all he wanted: Touch. ——————- My God, this was fun. I … Continue reading

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A Good Start

I have a great start to my first book.  I’ve written the acknowledgments and the “endnotes”, I guess you call them.  Not a word yet of the book, but, you know how they say a bunch of monkeys with typewriters … Continue reading

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No More Talk

We meet, we’re 19, We talk, we talk and talk, We talk till dawn, We sleep till noon, make love till 4, We eat, we talk, make love and talk, We drink, we dance, we talk, make love till dawn, … Continue reading

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Dentists, Birthdays, and Redheads

I’ve gone to the dentist a few times lately.  I have a mouth full of metal and composite and missing molars and a bridge and some old chipped fillings and one spot on the side where I need a 2nd bridge … Continue reading

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At Last: Review of “Reapers With Issues”

Where and when did I find blogger and author H. E. Ellis?  I have no frickin’ idea.  Maybe she found my blog.  Who knows?  What I do know is that she is a hilarious Italian-American, Floridian-New Englander, all-woman yet one-of-the-guys, … Continue reading

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Please Read This! (Out Loud and Breathlessly)

“Ohmigod, this is the best writing prompt EVER!  I’d sooner kiss a dead skunk than use flattery to win!!  I love that it only takes thirteen seconds to read all the Trifextra entries!!! ——————————–  

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